A quick funfact:

Did you know that Bluehost is home to more than 2 million websites?

That’s many indeed. What this shows is that, with this vast customer base, it’s clear evidence that they are doing something right.

Their uptime is reliable, server speeds is top-notch and their hosting plans is just the best for beginners and veterans.

One exciting selling point of Bluehost success story is its 24/7 live chat and phone support and you can safely give them a try with their 30 days money back guarantee.

Bluehost has been around since 2003 and they have plenty of experience to know what makes a hosting service excellent.

Let’s quickly take a dive into Bluehost’s strong features that makes them standout from the rest.

1. Great Uptime Throughout the Year.

Uptime is one of the most critical aspects when choosing a web hosting service. After all, if your site is down, your users can’t access it. So, consistent uptime should be one of your top priorities when looking at a hosting service.

A review done my Hosting facts gives critical reviews to bluehost uptime benchmark. To summarize the review, Bluehost easily surpassed the bench mark site testing with a 99.93% score.

2. Speed Loading Page

Another review done by Hosting facts revealed the average load speed for Bluehost for last year 2020 was 581ms which competes very well with other web hosting services.

A research conducted by Google have this to say about loading speed.

As page load time goes from 1s to 3s, the probability of bounce increases to 32%.

What this means is that, your visitor chances of leaving your site being 32% increases the more longer your page loads.

Anyway, a slow website almost always means less traffic and therefore lower sales number. Therefore, page speed is very important after uptime speed.

3. Very Low Introductory Pricing ($2.75/mo)

By default, Bluehost pricing actually starts at $3.95/month, which is an introductory price from the regular $7.99/month.

However, the good news is that we’ve been able to work out a deal with Bluehost for our readers that takes the starting price down to $2.75/month

For this price, you get pretty much everything you need for a single website. Other inclusive package include 50GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate and more. So there’s indeed a pretty good value for that price.

BlueHost Pricing Plan

4. Easy usage for Beginners

Bluehost is indeed great for beginners.

Even though the process of building a website or starting a blog is much simpler than it used to be, the process can still be a little confusing for beginners.

A great thing about Bluehost is that they have a customer onboarding experience that’s completely oriented towards beginners.

This means that they have a very clean and simple user interface and they made sure that any confusing technical elements are well explained.

So, finding the right hosting package for your needs, and setting up hosting is a very easy and intuitive experience.

Plus, if you do run into any issues related to setting up your hosting, there’s an extensive collection of tutorials and walkthroughs to help move you through any sticking points quickly and efficiently.

5. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee with all their hosting plans.

You can try out the service to see their performance for yourself and ask for a refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

6. 24/7 Customer Support

Bluehost provides 24/7 customer support over live chat, phone and email ticketing system. They also have a vast knowledge base packed with answers to frequent questions and useful information.

7. The Official WordPress.org Recommended Host

WordPress is the most widely used website platform on the market.

47% of the entire internet is built with WordPress.

It’s safe to say that they have an authoritative word when it comes to hosting solutions. WordPress only officially recommend three hosting partners to use with a WordPress site:

Although you can use almost any other web hosting provider to create WordPress site. But the fact is that Bluehost is one of the few officially recognized partners is encouraging.

So in conclusion,

I recommend BlueHost is all who needs online solutions. they provide strong security options, a great money back guarantee, plenty of user-friendly apps and multiple options of hosting packages suitable for different customers. The starting prices starts at $2.75/month

Try it out today by clicking BLUEHOST

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